Founded in 1997 with the Merger of Soils Design Laboratory and Bradco Laboratory, Soilco Materials
Investigations (Pty) Limited has continued to expand its range of services to meet the needs and demands of the
construction industry. 

The firm offers a wide range of soil and materials testing services through its KwaZulu-Natal locations
in Westmead (Pinetown), Pietermaritzburg and Vryheid and provides a professional service to architects,
engineers, contractors, commercial and industrial clients, and government entities.

Soilco is totally committed to a standard of excellence in the reliability of its test results and is ISO 17025 accredited.
The knowledge and experience of its personnel about the specific conditions presented in the geographical area assist
in making important decision on the proper approach to geotechnical assessment both in the field and in the laboratory,
and testing services are offered on material selection, verification of material quality, trouble-shooting the failure of a part
or product or to meet industry and customer requirements for material certification.


Soilco and its subsidiaries have a vision to be leaders in the civil engineering materials testing field in Southern Africa.
To this end the company will maintain its ISO 17025 accreditation status in order to offer an excellent service to its clients.


Soilco’s Main laboratory at the Westmead Headoffice achieved their SANAS ISO 17025 accreditation
certificate number, T0213, in July 2003. The Commercial Branch in Pietermaritzburg achieved their
SANAS ISO 17025 accreditaion certificate number, T0823, in October 2018.

Affirmative Action Policy/Employment Equity

Soilco is dedicated to a non-racist, non-sexist affirmative action policy. The Company recognises the difficulties
that the historically disadvantaged individuals have experienced and resolves to promote the education, training
and employment opportunities of those people, both from within our organisation and from the country as a whole.
Soilco has run numerous Skills Programs to upskill employees - these were conducted on site, with external
facilitators presenting the Work Place Skills Program content. 

Soilco has an Employment Equity Plan in place that is reviewed yearly and renewed every 3 years.
Employment Equity targets and goals are discussed within our Employment Equity Forum that meet every
2 months. The Forum consists of employees from all demographics within South Africa. 

BCCEI (Bargaining Council Civil Engineerign Industry)

Soilco is a proud member of the Bargaining Council for the Civil, Engineering Industry (BCCEI). Through the 
Labour Relations Act 66 of 1995 the BCCEI provide for the co-regulation of stable and productive employment
relations in the civil engineering industry. 


SANAS Accreditation Pietermaritzburg
SANAS Accreditation Westmead

Download our Level 1 QSE BBBEE Certificate (135% Procurement Recognition)

Download our Level 1 QSE BBBEE Certificate (135% Procurement Recognition)

Download our Level 1 QSE BBBEE Certificate (135% Procurement Recognition)